Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Right Boat for Me?

Our boats are vastly different. "Home Grown" is by far the largest and is the only vessel 

permitted to fish offshore (past 9 miles from the beach). We encourage all parties who wish to 

have a more slow paced comfortable and roomy fishing experience to book aboard "Home 

Grown"especially if the party consists of 6 full grown adults. The main difference in "In-To-

Wishin" and "Fix n To" is that "Fix n To" is more stable feeling and lots of room!  "In-To-

Wishin" has higher sides (gunwales). "In-To-Wishin" and "Home Grown" both have flushing 

toilets. Being a Sport Fish, "Home Grown" is slower than the other two boats but she makes up 

for it in comfort. "Fix' To" is the fastest boat in our fleet and has more fishing space than "Fa La 

Me' and "In To Wishin".

What is the Right Trip for Me?

We always try and deliver honest expectations over the phone but here is a short list that may help 

you out:

- Gulf Fishing (Nearshore or Offshore)

   Gulf Fishing is what Destin is truly known for. We have a very rich Gulf fishery full of many different 

    species. You never know what you may catch in the Gulf. If you are looking for a more action 

    packed trip with stronger fighting fish, the Gulf is definitely for you! We like to call the Gulf "Jurassic 

    Park" because you never know what you may see or catch!

- How many fish will I be able to keep? 

      We can always put you on lots of fish on our Gulf Trips, however rules and regulations 

      determine what fish we are allowed to bring back to the dock to clean. Please try and book at least 

      6 hours if you are wanting to bring more than a few fish back home with you. While the 4 hour trip 

      is a great beginner's type trip, we encourage all who are wanting "keepers" to book at least 6   

      hours in order to allow the captains to make it to the better fishing grounds especially if you want 

      to target a limit of Red Snapper.

- I would like to stay close to shore, is that possible?

     We are here for you and can design a close to shore trip for you upon request. All of our trips 

aboard "In-To-Wishin" and "Fix'n To" do not fish out of sight of land. Lots of great fishing takes place 

within the first few miles off the coast of Destin so land is close and within sight!

- When should I book?

     We recommend booking as early as possible. A good rule of thumb is "When you book your   

     hotel/condo, we should be your next call"!

Can I bring my young children?

     Of course! We LOVE our kids and think it is important for them to learn the proper way   

     to saltwater fish. Each captain within Gulf Angler Charters has lots of experience with  

     kids. We recommend at least 3 years old for their first trip.

What Fish Are In Season During My Charter?

It is best to call us and ask about your desired dates to determine what is in season. The government 

is constantly changing seasons and sometimes seasons are not announced far in advance. We keep 

track of seasons on a daily basis so call us and we can give you an idea of what to expect. 


Group Charters

We do not group fishermen together for charters. However, if you would like to find a couple of 

fishermen to group together on your charter to help supplement costs you may absolutely do so.

We found it very difficult to group like-minded guests together which is the reason we stopped 

grouping on our end. If you can find your own group, we will be happy to take you!

My Credit Card on File

Will not be charged UNLESS - You do NOT show up or you do NOT cancel within 10 days of your 

scheduled charter. Cancelations must be communicated  in writing via email to Preston@Gulf- If you need to cancel within 48 hours of your trip, a phone call and an email is required. 

You will pay at the end of your trip on the docks with your captain via cash, check or 

credit card.

Morning Charters vs Afternoon Charters

Typically the morning bite is stronger than the afternoon. However, we guarantee that you will catch 

fish on either trip. We have had some amazing afternoon trips. You really just never know. As a rule of 

thumb, the morning is traditionally a stronger bite.

Is There a Mate On Board?

There is a full time mate on board "Home Grown" on all trips. The mate works strictly off of gratuity- 

15-20% is the norm. He is crucial to a successful day of fishing and will maximize your day on the 

water as well as teach you proper fishing methods and answer any question you may have.

What if it is Too Rough On My Charter Day?

90% of our days in the Gulf consist of calm seas (under 3 feet - especially during the summer 

months). If it is too rough on your scheduled day, we will do our very best to re-schedule you. If we 

are unable to reschedule you due to rough seas, your card on file will NOT be charged. The captain is 

the only person who will make the decision if it is too rough. Your safety is our priority and we do not 

force trips if it is unsafe.

Live Bait Purchase Option 

In the summer months, live bait is crucial to a successful charter. Lucky for us, we have a company 

that caters to our charter boats. This company uses custom nets to catch the bait each morning and sell to the charter boats. The average cost is $20 for a 4 hour, $40 for a 6 hour, and $60 for 8 or 
more hours. Of course, if you do not wish to purchase bait, we can catch it on the way out. It will take  

between 20-40 minutes out of your fishing time but the kids enjoy catching it on occasion. Live bait 

MUST be caught or purchased daily! The bait requires large amounts of oxygen and does not survive 

overnight in the Destin harbor. Fresh, day-of bait is paramount in the summer months.

Sea Sickness and Motion Sickness

If you are prone to sea sickness or scared you may get sea sick, we recommend you take a less-

drowsy dramamine the morning of your charter or a prescription patch if recommended by your 

doctor. If seasickness occurs and you request to return to the dock prematurely, you will be charged in 

full for the charter you booked. We have found that dramamine and the patch work VERY well but 

please consult with your doctor first. 

* On a case by case basis, we can sometimes return the seasick passenger and continue on the fishing 

charter depending on how far out the boat is at that time.

How Far Out Does Each Boat Fish?

Our Nearshore charters aboard "Fix'n To" and "In-To-Wishin" stay within 9 miles of the beach and 

within sight of land. Our offshore boat, "Home Grown" is the only vessel federally permitted to fish 

past the 9 mile mark into federal waters out of sight of land.