Near Shore Fishing

Near Shore Gulf Fishing Aboard 


Located in Destin


"In-To-Wishin" is a SWEET 2013 Twenty Five

foot Gamefish. She boasts twin yamaha 150

four stroke engines that are sure to get you

to the fishing grounds FAST!

She has all the modern amenities you

could possibly ask for on a boat like this

including a flushing toilet, freshwater hose

shower, touch screen navigation and an

over-sized top for shade.

"In-To-Wishin" can fish near shore in the  

Gulf up to 9 miles out as well as bay fishing 

in Destin. Extremely versatile boat!

**Please Check With Us First Before Pre-Paying Online**

4 hour Destin Inshore Gulf

$ 600 USD

The 4 hour Inshore trip will land you within a few

miles of the Destin pass and within close

proximity to the beaches. You wil be fishing for

red snapper,triggerfish, white snapper, mingo

snapper, kingmackerel and amberjack. A great

starter trip for those who want to catch fish and

enjoy the water for a few hours!

The price is for 4 ppl max

"In-To-Wishin" can hold 6 MAX at a 50$ per person extra fee

over 4 people


6 Hour Destin Gulf Trip

$ 900 USD

This trip is designed for the


avid angler who is after

bigger fish and more variety.

We will be bottom fishing in

75 to 120 foot of water for

better quality reef species as

well as top water fishing for

pelagics. This package has

become the most popular

choice for anglers wanting

the total package.




4 ppl total



 "In-To-Wishin" can hold 6 but there is a 50$ charge per person over 4


6 Hour Destin Bass Fisherman's Challenge

$ 900 USD

6 hours of artificail! Do you like bass fishing? Top

water in the morning for largemouth and crank

baits in the evening? How would you like to take

those same skills (on a slightly larger scale) and

apply them in 100 foot of water for 8-50lb

saltwater fish? Top water, jigs, soft plastics,

homemade stuff...

Sound exciting? Well it is!! In fact, its freakin



We challenge you to artificial gulf fishing. We will

show you how WE do it and then its all on you to

land these fish. Bring your bass rod for fun. We

encourage and accept your own tackle however

we do NOT think you will have what it takes to

land these fish on your wimpy bass rod.


Bring it on! This is company wide the most

favortie trip for each captain. 


Less "Keeper fish" but more action.

4 people MAX (Extra charge for more than 4

people on this vessel)


8 Hour Destin All Day Charter

$ 1200 USD

All day on the Gulf is Captain Zach's favorite way to

spend his day! He will have you saying fish on! We

hope you are ready for some rod bending action.

Just about any species is fair game with our 8 hour

trip! Get ready!


4ppl total MAX


4 hour Destin Bay Trip

$ 600 USD

Come see the beautul crystal clear water

surrounding Destin's bays. The goal is redfish, trout

and black drum! This is a calm water trip and is

more geared toward the light tackle fisherman or

families with young children. No worries about sea

sickness on this trip! So much fun!


4 Hour Shark Fishing!

$ 600 USD

Oh yea baby! I hope you rested those arms

because you will need every ounce of energy to

land one of these guys! Our typical shark species






-Black Tip



So much fun!

*we do not kill any sharks however we get lots of pictures!


The price is for 4ppl total


we can hold 6 but there is an extra cost of $50 per person over 4

All trips aboard "In-To-Wishin" are $150 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. If you do not see a

package above that appeals to you, we are happy to design a custom trip for you at no charge.

There is a 50$ per person surcharge if you have more than 4 ppl on "In-To-Wishin" on all trips

to help cover additional costs as well as to help out with the extra licensing we need to have

6ppl aboard this particular vessel. We strongly encourage parties that consist of 6 full grown 

adults to book aboard our larger vessel - "Home Grown" due to space and comfort. 

Not Included:

Food and Drink - bring whatever you think you will need. Alcohol is welcome but no bottles.

Gratuity (typically 15-20%)

Live Bait (has to be caught or purchased daily) If you choose to catch, it will take anywhere 

from 20min - 40 min out of your fishing time. If you choose to buy, it will cost between $30 

and $60 depending on trip length.


-We accept all forms of payment (credit card, cash or check) A 3% charge is added for credit