I know it has been some time since my last post. I have been extremely busy with my real job and have had limited time to fish. We did, however, get a solid week of fishing in during the beginning of October. This was my firts year to enter the Destin Fishing Rodeo (a month long tournament that lasts all October). Let me tell you that it has been a BLAST! It all started with the Captains meeting on the last day in Sept. The rodeo officials really take care of their local captains. We listened to the weighmaster review the rules while dining on prime rib, home-made potato salad and MahiMahi - man was it good!  Captains spoke of their previous fishing tales and we all shared a rare commonality that you only see in certain situations - we were essentially a family of complete strangers. I really had a good feeling about the weeks to come in the tournament as I left the banquet. Anyway, we fished every day from Oct. 1st thru Oct. 6th and caught our fair share of quality fish. "Kyagra" is still on the board with the largest Spanish Mackerel (the largest fish in each category yields a glass etched trophy and CASH). At the end of the day though it wasn't about the biggest catch - we shared hours of laughter and a camaraderie that is only appreciated during those unique times spent on the water! Oh, and I just purchased a Boston Whaler so stay tuned for some expansions to Gulf-Angler Fishing Charters! Tight Lines