As you all know, Snapper season is IN and let me tell you, there have been some NICE ones hauled in this year! The limited regulations have allowed the Snapper population to increase exponentially to the point where it is impossible NOT to catch one. There are plenty of live bottom spots just outside the Destin pass that hold Snapper, TriggerFish, Juvenile AJ's and a Grouper here and there. Last week we must have hauled in a total of 50 keepers. My freezer is full and all of my close friends and clients have been eating fresh Snapper daily - it just doesn't get any better than that! Our plan next week is to target some pelagics; something we have not done yet this year. The water is warm and the sargassum grass is moving in (can be spotted easily on the tide change). I have been gearing up for a day of trolling and for now my sights are set on Wahoo. Infamous for speed and endurance the Wahoo can leave an angler feeling like he has just finished a marathon. They breed em big down here too; averaging 50 lbs or so around "the Ledge". For those of you who follow my blog/fishing report, I appologize for the delay inbetween posts. When I am not working, I am fishing and when I am not fishing, I am convincing my wife that there are worse things i could be addicted to... Tight Lines!