So, my father in law, Neal,drove in early from Montgomery for an all day kayak fishing trip. We both were excited to spend the day fishing together so we headed out to my usual spot. Around 11:00 Neal had his first hit and within about 10 minutes we had a Snapper in the fish bag. This was Neal's first kayak snapper so he was thrilled to have bagged one so early (congrats again)! The day slowed down quite a bit from there though.The bites became few and far between until finally I look over and Neal' hooked into something BIG! This thing was ripping off "lock down drag" like it was nothing. After about ten minutes of fighting, the fish got off and the line went about a heart breaker! You always hear about the monster fish that got away and let me tell you this fish would have been a "wallhanger"! Thats alright though-all in all we ended up with 3 keeper Snapper and a dang good time! Tight Lines!