Man does it feel good to get out on the water. Even though it was rough and overcast, Dave, Tyler and Jacko kept their spirits high as we headed out for the day. Right away, we were catching Spanish Mackerel in the pass and near the Destin Bridge. We hooked into 5 or 6 within about a 15 minute time frame - most were small though. We switched gears a bit later and headed South to a new spot about 11 miles from shore. We knew it was rough and staying over the spot would be tough but we tried our luck anyway. We dropped down and after the first half hour only nibbles and a small grunt to show. Then, I look over and Tyler is bowed up on a fish. The fish quickly got tangled in the wreck and cut us off. Good sign though - at least they were biting. Next, I see Dave bowed up and a minute later their was a Snapper boat-side. What a great feeling it was to finally see a Red Snapper after the long winter season. I think we all breathed a sigh of relief after we saw it. It was getting late so we headed near the sandbar to try for mackerel again. We trolled for a while with little results until finally Jacko hauled in a NICE Spanish Mackerel. It was a great time - everybody caught fish and even though things were slow, it is always nice just to get out and wet a line. Totals for the day: 

(1) Red Snapper
(2) Small Grouper
(8) Spanish Mackerel (3 keepers)
(1) Grunt