I know everone is especially excited about this year's Snapper season for a couple reasons. First, this may be the last fishable season in the Gulf of Mexico for a long time! With the oil drifting aimlessly about in our federal waters, the unknown is killing us! When will it get here? Is it going to get here? How bad is it? These are questions on every fisherman's mind right now so optimism is the key word! Also, I know everyone that has been bottom fishing this year has hauled up HUGE Red Snapper and had to throw them back due to new regulations but in one week they are yours to keep. Here are the new regulations:

-The FWC approved a federal consistency action making the state red snapper season in the Gulf of Mexico consistent with the new June 1 through July 23 federal season at its April meeting.

-Two Snapper per person, per day with a nose to fork (tail) minimum of 13 inches.

Tight Lines!