We launched at 9:00am and were welcomed again by beautiful, clear water and calm winds. I was especially excited about trying out my new home-made livebait rig and trolling two rods at once since the wind/current was calm. We made our way off the beach and past the second sandbar. It wasn't 5 minutes until we heard screaming drag...FISH ON, FISH ON...then the line went limp-he didn't find the hooks. That had us fired up and ready for more! We bagan working our way around the various reefs trolling my homemade duster/stinger rigs. I also tried something else new today - I trolled a 7 inch Yozuri lure on some really light tackle:

-15lb. test High Seas Braid
-Daiwa Tierra 2000 reel
-7 1/2 foot Fuji light action rod

I put this one out approx. 70 feet behind the stern of the kayak while the duster was trolled at a distance of 120 feet off the stern. All of a sudden I saw the tip of that light action pole bend down and almost touch the water...FISH ON!! That little micro reel was spinning so fast I was sure all my line would be gone in seconds. I tightened down and the battle was on! The fish ran straight out for about 20 seconds and then did a 180 degree turn directly back at me. It was all i could do to keep up with him on such a small reel. The fight lasted a while due to such light tackle until I finally landed him in the boat! If you haven't caught a King on light tackle I would have to say you are missing out - it's such a good time! Anyway, i put him in my new fish bag and that's when i noticed i hadn't brought enough ice with me. I was in a hurry and  only brought one bag and it just wasn't enough to outlast the 110 degree heat index! I paddled to the beach, grabbed my car keys and ran toward the lot where i had parked. My Jeep's not there - nor is my 14 ft. trailer that i use to transport my kayaks! It had been towed! After further investigation, I realized I had parked in a private parking lot and that the HOA had called the tow truck company. Talk about a heartbreaker! The bite was on, the day was cooling off and now this... The towing company was nice enough to ONLY CHARGE ME $330 and they only towed it AN HOUR away from my house to Ft. Walton Beach...So, i am sitting on the couch, car keys on the coffee table and an empty driveway. Hadley is going to take me to pick it up in the morning. Lesson Learned!