The title says it all! The past several weeks have been great fishing for these pelagic fish. I can't recall another season where the kings and bonitos have been so thick. Most days, the bonitos can be seen on the surface but the thousands feeding on glass minnows. It literally looks like an acre of pure whitewater in the middle of the gulf. Mani have started firing up too. Not much size them but there is no size limit here in the Gulf. We have been site casting artificial and landing anywhere from 20-60 per trip on our 6 hour gulf trips. The slow troll, live bait method for kings remains strong and you don't have to go far to find them - just a few miles in fact. If you're the type of person that loves drag screamers, then you would eat this up. They have been ranging in size from 4-15 lbs with the occasional big guy between 20-30lbs. Our biggest this year is 40lbs. 

The fishing is a lot of fun this time of year! No more crowds and lots of action to be had. Don't forget to book early! 

See you on the water,
Preston <><