This is what it is all about!! My family was in town for the fourth and so naturally, we scheduled a kayak fishing trip! My dad and younger brother,Jackson met up at my house early this morning and we headed out. Thanks to my mom for the great kayak trailer, we were able to bring all three Hobies to the launch! The water was ALIVE with fish today! Although rough and blown out, we made the best of the situation hooking up to several fish. Jackson spotted a school of Jack Crevalle near my dad's kayak about a half hour into the trip. Dad made a perfect cast and WHAM fish on! Screaming drag had my dad grinning ear to ear. This fish faught for at least 15 minutes and pulled us 0.2 miles off the spot. We finally got him in the boat and went back for more. We started bottom fishing over a local reef and we kept getting bit off on the way down. We knew that whatever was down there had to be big and the anticiaption of landing a monster fish was killing us! Then finally I look over and Jackson is bowed up! Jackson muscled in what turned out to be a 3 1/2 - 4 ft. shark! Way to go guys! I really enjoyed our fishing excursion and can't wait til next time Tight Lines!