One of the most anticipated trips of the summer had me pumped up as I finished tying my last live bait rig the night before our kayak fishing excursion. All of the ingredients for a successful day on the water were there: calm seas, warm water,a strong fishing forecast and 3 guys who were determined to catch a fish from a kayak. Scott, Jason and Justin met up at 7:30am. We went over the basics and headed out. Scott and his son, Justin, trolled a duster rig from the tandem (thanks to Dave Lauderbach for lending it) while Jason trolled one from the Outback. We trolled and trolled and trolled - nothing! I couldn't believe it, I had talked up this day from the get go and had these guys fired up about catching some nice fish and now we can't even get a bite... I have fished these waters every week since March and even on the poorest of days we still catch fish! Jason did end up hooking up to a nice Spanish at the end of the day and Scott caught a small rock fish off the bottom so at least we didn't get totally skunked. At least these guys were understanding of the situation - any fisherman will tell you - "sometimes they just don't bite". There's always tomorrow.. Tight Lines!