Dave and I put in at 12:30 yesterday afternoon. With storms all around us we knew our trip may be short lived so we started fishing as soon as we hit the sandbar. We made our way out to the two mile marker and dropped a couple lines to the bottom. Immediately we were hauling up snapper. The snapper were so thick down there, they were taking our bait on the way down almost everytime. Since snapper season is out, we switched gears and started trolling for Kings. Dave had never caught a nice King before so I really wanted him to experience what a thrill it can be! Once again, the trolling was slow and it wasn't until about 2 hours later that we finally had our first look. Fish On! Fish On! I look over and Dave's hooked up into something big! I quickly reeled in my two lines and pedaled over to him. I could tell by the smile on his face that it was a good one. After several minutes,  he muscled the fish up to the side of the boat and there he was - the biggest King mackerel I have seen caught from a kayak to date! We scrambled to get the grippers and gaff and thats when the fish decided to let out a little more energy. He somehow got under the front of my boat and when we tried to pull him out, the hooks came loose - what a heart breaker! It counts though... we had a firm grip on the leader and could have easily landed him if the gaff had been in reach. Nice work Dave; we will get him next time. Tight Lines!