WOW what a week! My brother Chandler came to town to spend the week doing some cut throat fishing with me and friend, Mike Milano. We fished for several days; covering lots of real estate and harvesting quality fish! Chandler gets the "Saltiest Dog" trophy for the week as he hauled in the most Grouper and AJ's during our time on the water (congrats man)! The weather was truly PERFECT and allowed us to run 30 miles to 300 foot of water in my center console. In fact, the first day it was so flat out there, you could hear other fishermen talking several hundred yards away - amazing! Anyway, I was afraid we wouldn't be able to escape the snapper but that proved easier than I had imagined. Once we hit the deeper water, it was nothing but Grouper and AJ's (and lots of sharks - i think we caught 5 total over 200 lbs). What an awesome way to spend time with my brother, who I rarely get to see! We fished from sun up to sun down - literally! Lots of stories were shared and tons of laughter (always comes with the territory with my brother). Looking back, I can't think of a more successful week than this one; we caught sooo many fish and had a great time! Here is what I can remember:

10 Trigger Fish (6 keepers)
12 AJ's (most were keepers)
5 Red Snapper
1 Nurse Shark
4 Reef Sharks
4 Scamp Grouper (2 keepers)
8 Gag Grouper
1 Flounder
2 Bonita 
2 Spanish Mackerel
1 Red Fish (24 inches)
14 Speckled Trout (6 keepers)
2 Sting Rays