Dave and I set out for an all day, offshore fishing trip on the Sea Hunt. 5:15 came early and before we knew it , we were in the pass catching bait. Once again, beautiful thread fin herring were in the hundreds of thousands. Boats were all bunched together collecting their loot as we joined in to catch ours. We caught 40 or 50 and headed out. By the way, it was CALM as ever. We were able to run wide open the whole way out to the 14 mile location. Lots of action on top. Bait and Jacks tore up the surface all day. As usual, Dave and I caught Snapper after Snapper until our forearms literally gave out...We decide to drift a bit past the wreckage below to get away from all the snapper. 500 feet from the wreck and I hear Dave yell 'Ohhh yeeeaa'! I look over to see a beautiful 32 inch Gag Grouper - NICE. Next, i hauled up a 22 inch Red Grouper (which was my first Red to date). This grouper has similar traits as most fish in the grouper family except it has a gorgeous red/orange color with spiral patterns around the top half. From there, it never let up - we had one heck of a day on the water. In fact, we landed so many fish, that my forearms are telling me to stop typing as it is. Here are the totals:

  •  (100 ??) Snapper
  • (2) Grouper
  • (3) Trigger Fish
  • (1) Almaco Jack
  • (1) Spanish Mackerel
  • (2) Amberjack