My long-time dream, ever since I was a little boy, was to buy a big boat and make a living catching fish and living on the beach. I had always envisioned an "Island" lifestyle, where I live off the land and charge people to fish; developing strong relationships with the locals and living the simple life. I quickly realized after college that life was a little more complex than I had once thought but I never gave up on my dream and today I am one step closer... Today I finalized the purchase of a brand new 2011- 23 foot SeaHunt Center Console. I am absolutely blessed. I have a beautiful wife who supports my dream and loving parents and family who want to see this be a success. My mother and father, who also share a special love of the water, are particularly excited about this new purchase as they are in Destin several times a year. So...with that being said, my vacation begins this Friday and you better believe I will be out on the new boat (which has yet to be named) fishing for Cobia and soaking it all in on the beautiful Emerald Coast! Stay tuned - the 2011 fishing season is in full swing. Tight Lines - Preston