Mike and I decided to hit the Choctawhatchee bay today! Our target: the elusive Red Fish! We were on the water at 1:00 and the first cast produced a lady fish! It was a start to what we thought woud be a productive day! The bay was CALM as could be for the first ten minutes and then out of nowhere 30-40 mph winds and dark skies! We were not about to let a summer storm ruin our fishing trip so, we waited it out near a shallow beach. It soon passed and we were back at it. A couple catfish and another lady fish were all we were cathing though. We tried everything: chartreuse jigs, top water plugs, rattle traps, gold spoons, cut bait, white jig heads - still nothing! We decide to head to the bay bridge and toss out a cig-sycle and finally mike caught a nice sail cat. It was a fun day though! No reds or specs but it was a nice change to fish the bay! Tight Lines!