Jared Laurick and I launched our kayaks at 2:00 today. Once again the unpredictable summer weather played a big role in todays outcome. We began by trolling aroung a bit to get a feel for what may be hungry. After about an hour we had our first hit but he quickly snapped my 50lb. braid. I retied and we headed to about 60 foot of water. Just as we reach the targeted depth, someting HUGE hit my line. I can honestly say I have never seen my line go out so fast! I was holding my fishing rod with white knuckled hands and trying to tighten my drag at the same time so the fish wouldn't take it all out but it was no use! He took out more and more until I only had about 50 feet of line left on the spool. I knew that I didn't have strong enough gear to land whatever was on the end of my line and as soon as that thought crossed my mind, the line snapped. At $40 for a spool of 50lb. braid it doesnt come cheap to just switch out your line, but i can guarantee you that next time I will have at least one reel spooled with 80lb test! The weather was nasty and there was lightning all around us. Some of it blew past but it rained constantly and the water got pretty churned up at times. We did bottom fish for a while and Jared hooked into something nice that cut clean though his 60lb. mono leader so at least we got a few bites out of the trip. At the end of the day, we bagged a small mangrove snapper and landed a nice red snapper that we had to throw back (out of season). Until next time, TIght Lines!