Dave, Marshall and I set out at 5pm for some night fishing in the Bay. There was a falling tide all evening so naturally the bite was on. Immediately, Marshal was locked in to a nice fish but it broke off boat-side before we could catch a glimpse. Next it was me who got hooked up. The battle was on with my light tackle outfit. The fish made several fast breaks toward deeper water, taking line with him. I fought him for 3 or 4 minutes on my Tierra until I finally had him in the boat.A nice  28.5 inch Red Fish. Next it was Dave who was locked in. It was a similar fight as mine with strong runs toward deeper water. Dave muscled the fish to the boat after several minutes and another nice Red Fish was landed. This one however was a tournament slot fish - 27 inches on the button and FAT! Anyway, we ended the night with a couple nice 27 inch keeper Red Fish and a Sheepshead or two for supper. I also wanted to take this time to inform everyone of some fishing regulation changes for 2012. See below:
  • Trout - in 2012 there will NOT be a closed season in the Panhandle
  • Red Fish - in 2012, anglers may keep up to (2) Red Fish per person 18-27 inches (beginning February 1st)
  • Red Grouper - in 2012, anglers may keep up to (4) Red Grouper (up from (2) last year)